Emotional Chesterfield, Michigan Wedding | Althea & John

When Althea and Jon first met at church in middle school, they didn't exactly hit it off. They certainly didn't imagine they would be getting married one day! After many years, they have reconnected and fallen in love, and here we are at their wedding in Chesterfield, Michigan. I photographed them each getting ready separately. I loved that Jon went for a white suit and tie with black trim. Althea looked incredibly elegant in her simple spaghetti strap satin gown and veil with lace trim. We then met by the pier in Brandenburg Park, on Anchor Bay for a candid first look. There was so much joy on Jon's face when he turned around to see Althea in her wedding dress for the first time. It was a rather overcast day, but the muted light was actually perfect and lended itself to some beautiful wedding photos.

After the first look, everyone headed to Zuccaro's Banquets and Catering in Chesterfield, Michigan for their intimate outdoor wedding ceremony. Their wedding was both emotional and playful. They had a super fun handshake they did when Althea first got to Jon at the altar during the ceremony. There were definitely a few tears as they said their vows in front of their closest friends and family. They had their wedding reception inside at Zuccaro's Banquets and Catering, which I must say, had the best wedding food I've ever tasted. If you're planning your wedding in Chesterfield, Michigan, I highly recommend this wedding venue. I would also love to be your wedding photographer. Please reach out to me here to find out if I'm available on your desired date. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite photos from Althea and Jon's wedding.